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Alison Pascola

Alison Pascola

Financial Operations

Alison Pascola is a former international satellite communications executive, educator at heart and passionate philanthropist who cares most about causes that make our world a better place! Her extensive experience in building and maintaining successful teams has afforded her the opportunity to work around the world in many diverse situations.

Gratitude is a key value that Alison lives by every day. Following a successful career in business, she decided to return to school to pursue a master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Change. Alison currently sits on the board of a neuroscience research foundation, the Institute of Neuro Innovation.

Alison’s family connections are important to her and that is why she has joined her sister, June Vinci, in continuing to build and grow Vinci Financial.

Along with her sister, June, Alison grew up on Long Island and settled in Southern California after her many travels throughout the United States, Europe, South America and the continent of Africa. A mom to a future pilot, Alexander, who is following his childhood dream, Alison’s many passions include reading, languages, exploring the world with her fiancé, John, and giving back whenever and wherever possible.